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   Corporate and Individual Health and Wellness Solutions

Veteran-Owned & Operated 

LimitLess solutions

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Joe McKim has a great positive attitude and a down-to-earth connectivity.  His approach is professional, caring, and motivating. He is a very skilled coach who takes time to listen to what you are trying to achieve, and creates an individual program that produces results. He knows the proper way to work out, and challenges you but never beyond abilities. I highly recommend choosing Mr. McKim as your coach in order to accomplish your health and fitness goals. 

Joe has been working with my wife and I for several months now. My attitude and performance at work has greatly improved. Not to mention my Dr is much happier with all my numbers. So easy to just say I will start tomorrow, Joe holds me accountable and pushes me to do more every day. It is awesome working out side by side with my wife and being in step with our health and fitness. 

meet the team


Joe mckim

I’m a military veteran with a passion for helping people in all areas of health. Our team at Limitless Health Movement work along side others to take their health to the next level and create a long-term sustainable plan for their limitless health journey. We want to help you optimize every area of your health for life-changing results including nutrition, lifestyle choices, mindset, exercise, fitness, mental health and stress management. We want you to live an optimal life with vitality and functionality to enjoy the the life you and your family deserve!

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