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Mindset, Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery 

   Corporate and Individual Health and Wellness Solutions

Veteran-Owned & Operated 

LimitLess solutions

Wendy Tommelleo


I've been a client of Joe's personal training offering since fall of 2022. Joe took time when we first met to understand my goals and conducted an assessment to customize a comprehensive program that was challenging but attainable. Joe continues to assess my progress, and change my plan based on the results I'm seeing. Joe consistently asks questions, is a great listener, and takes action when needed. Since starting with Joe, I've gained significant strength, greatly improved my balance, and increased my self confidence. I highly recommend Joe to anyone that is looking for a great coach that is more than just a personal trainer, he offers so much more! I value my time with Joe and now have the motivation to be purposeful in my health and wellness journey.

Todd Fetzner 

Joe has been working with my wife and I for several months now. My attitude and performance at work has greatly improved. Not to mention my doctor is much happier with all my blood work. So easy to just say I will start tomorrow, Joe holds me accountable and pushes me to do more every day. It is awesome working out side by side with my wife and being in step with our health and fitness. 

meet the team

pic of myself training .jpg

Joe mckim

I’m an army veteran with a passion for helping people in all areas of health and wellness. Our team at Limitless Health Movement work along side others to take their health to the next level and create a long-term sustainable plan for their limitless health journey. We want to help you optimize every area of your health, creating life-changing results. Through our holistic and comprehensive programs with a focus in fitness, nutrition, recovery, sleep and personal growth. We want you to live an optimal life with vitality and reach your ultimate potential to thrive!

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